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Rubber Track Repair - earth moving equipment, excavators, groomers, snowmobile tracks

Need a repair quote for your damaged rubber track?

Repair VS Replace

Are you wondering if Carroll Tech, Inc. can help you?

It has been Carroll Tech's experience that you or someone you know has a damaged track. It doesn’t matter if you are a 16-year-old girl, a 70-year-old man, a drag racer, farmer, construction worker, or excavation professional.

You might be amazed to know that damage can occur even on the best conditions.  We all know that perfect conditions make for easy work or lots of fun.  But it doesn’t guarantee that our tracks will be protected.

Unfortunately, brand new machines, with brand new tracks can still be damaged.  We have repaired  tracks with less than 50 miles on it.

The Carroll Tech process can be performed on any track.  Do you have the MACK DADDY of fast, powerful sleds. No problem.  Do you have two-inch lugs, no problem. Do you have a giant rubber track the size of a truck. No problem. We repair anything.

Why Repair My Track Instead Of Replacing It?

You can save money. Carroll Tech proudly offers services that significantly reduce the over whelming financial burden of operating many different pieces of equipment.

You can save time. Have you ever had a snowmobile trip planned for months and two days before the departure, you find a rip in your track?   The whole process of removing and replacing a track can take a tremendous amount of time. Especially if you have to install studs in that new track.  Our process can be performed with the track still on the sled.  In most cases you can make an appointment to drop off your sled and get it back the next day. Sometimes, even the same day.  Please check our current representative section for a repair shop near you.  Earth moving equipment tracks need to be removed for repair.

YOU CAN SAVE THE ENVIRONMENT.  Every time we repair a track, it’s one less in the landfill.  Rubber doesn’t breakdown, therefore causing a problem for the landfills/ dumps across the world.  You might not think that your track will make a difference. We all should be environmentally conscious.

Is Your Track In The Carroll Tech Repair Zone?

The best way to tell is to inspect your track carefully.  Go out to your garage and look at your track.  No, we don’t mean glance at it.  We mean EXAMINE, INVESTIGATE, OBSERVE & STUDY your track.  Observe the whole track inside and out.  In fact, if you have a digital camera, bring it with you. Take some shots of all the spots you find.   Wondering what to look for:







Concerning  Snowmobiles.

We suggest writing down the damage you find on a piece of paper.  Then CALL US or fill out our TRACK REPAIR QUOTE FORM.  This will help us determine how we can be of assistance to you.

Carroll Tech Is Here For All Your Track Needs.

We can repair your track.  Hopefully your track is in the repair zone. We can save you money and get you back on the trail or the job site.

We will buy your old track.  Sometimes tracks have sustained a little to much damage to justify repairing. In this case, we might buy your track from you.  Carroll Tech will pay for used tracks.  You may even have one or two piled in the corner of your garage from  years ago.  Pull them out and contact us.  The amount we purchase used tracks for truly depends on how much damage has occurred.  Carroll Tech  reserves the right to inspect each track before deciding to purchase it or not.  We also purchase used Earth Moving Equipment tracks.

We can sell you a used track.  Call or Email us to find out what we have in stock.  The list changes daily.

We can sell you a new track.   Contact us and let us know what size track your interested in.  As a bonus, we might even give you “trade in value” on your old track.

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